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Who I Help

Self Employed Builder

Richard, from Chislehurst, has an income of between £20,000 and £25,000 per year after Construction Industry Tax (CIS) has been deducted. He needs help in recovering any CIS that is due to him and completing his tax return

Sole Trader - Marketing Consultant

Sue lives in Orpington and uses an online accounting system to record her expenses and uses the same system to issue invoices direct to her clients by email from her smart phone. She communicates with me using email and phone. She pays a regular monthly fee that includes the cost of the accounting package.

Self Employed- Maintenance Engineer

Philip, who works in South East England for one company, gets paid on a monthly basis on a self employed basis. He records his income and expenses in a book. I prepare his accounts and personal tax return and charge him a fixed fee once a year.

Small Partnership - Family Business

Based in Bromley, John and his wife run a small partnership. They use a modern web based accounting system to record their income and expenditure, but want me to complete their accounts and tax returns.


Kevin, who lives in Orpington with his wife and small children, works full time and has a buy to let property. He finds it very time consuming to sort out his own tax affairs and prefers to delegate the work to me.



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