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Sole Traders Partnerships

When starting up your business one of the first decisions that you need to make is what type of legal and financial structure is best. Quite often the easiest way is to operate as a sole trader. However this may not be the most appropriate. For example if you have gone into business with someone else a partnership arrangement would make more sense.

An alternative is to operate through a limited company that is, from a legal point of view, quite separate from you as an individual. Your registered address need not be your personal address either. Companies are a little more complicated (and hence more costly) to run, but you may judge that the benefits outweigh the costs.

A useful starting point for advice is to look at the Government website GOV.UK.

Once you have made a decision as to what structure you want you can then go ahead with setting it up. You can either register as a sole trader/partnership with HM Revenue & Customs or set up your company direct with Companies House. Alternatively you may prefer the services of an accountant to help with this task.

Amongst the many other things you will have to do when running your own business will be to produce annual accounts and submit tax returns. An accountant will be ideally placed to do this work for you.

Support Available

  • Advise you as to what structure is most appropriate
  • Arrange the registration and creation of sole trader and partnership structures
  • Respond to all Government correspondence and phone calls regarding the registration and creation of your business.
  • Additional support is offered during the first critical few months of starting up including advice and support on how to keep accurate financial records and accounts.



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