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Prices and Services

Fixed prices no surprises

Nobody agrees to buy a large item in a shop before they know the price. Why should buying a professional service from an accountant be any different? For most accounting services I will be able to agree a fixed fee with you before I start work. In this way you will know what the final bill will be - no surprises.

Keeping costs down

As a small businessman, I know how important it is to keep costs down to remain competitive. The main way I control costs is by eliminating the need for office space with associated overheads. Instead I use modern technology: phone and email are available for communication and tax returns are completed over the internet.  The personal touch is ensured by face to face meetings with clients who live in Bromley, Orpington and the surrounding area.

Can I negotiate a lower fee with you?

Of course. I will be able to advise you how to improve your record keeping so that I spend less time preparing your accounts. In this way you can gain a “good books” discount on the fee. Advice will cover manual record keeping, use of spreadsheets or easy to use (and often free) bookkeeping and accounting software. Good record keeping will allow you to spend less time on them as well!

I also provide a discount on the fixed price if you agree to provide me with your books soon after the end of the financial year (usually 30 June). Books need to be in to me before my 31 October deadline in any case. The busy time for an accountant is in the build up to the self assessment tax return deadline of 31 January.

I work hard at providing you with a service that meets your exact needs. Any services that you do not want can be removed and the fee reduced.

Monthly fees help to spread the cost over the year and reflect the continuous service provided, particularly for those with an online accounting package.

Will you try to sell me anything else?

No. I provide an accountancy service pure and simple.

Flexible Service

Through our initial consultation meeting we adapt the appropriate service to match your needs with your budget.  At the end of the process you will know exactly what service you will receive and at what price.

Do you worry about tax investigations?

One option that is included as standard is a Tax Enquiry Service. Formal investigations by the taxman can be very time consuming to both you and your accountant and, if your accountant charges by the hour, can be very costly.

Including this service in your package ensures that I will support you through any new tax enquiry (relating to tax returns and accounts I have prepared). Of course you may prefer not to buy this service, in which case, in the event of an investigation and you instruct me to act for you, charges would by on a time basis.



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