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Personal Tax Returns

Many people are told to complete an income tax return form each year, even when their financial circumstances are relatively simple. It may even be advantageous to voluntarily complete one if you suspect that the taxman is overtaxing you or you can claim certain expenses or reliefs. In any case you are under an obligation to advise the taxman in certain circumstances of any liability to tax such as a capital gain (profits on the sale of certain assets).

All sole traders, partnerships and directors of limited companies (generally) have to complete a personal tax return each year.

Self Assessment involves completing an online or paper tax return and submitting it to the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). There are deadlines for sending your tax return in - and penalties and interest charges if it arrives late.

An accountant can provide you with specific advice however guidance on self assessment is available from HMRC.

A very common web search is for “an income tax calculator”, “self employed tax calculator” or “online tax calculator”. The results will bring up lots of sites that offer to help. But as a first step  why not go direct to HM  Revenue and Customs who have a range of tools that might help.

Support Available

  • Review your financial circumstances
  • Obtain necessary information and documentation
  • Discuss any issues arising with you
  • Prepare draft tax return and discuss with you
  • Obtain your approval of tax return
  • Advise you of amount due and when payable
  • Submit tax return online
  • Respond to all routine Government correspondence and phone calls arising
  • Free help with day to day issues and queries throughout the year.


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